Sustainability test

Evaluate your practices with this 10-question sustainability test. Answer each question honestly to determine your eco score.

1. How often do you use public transportation or carpool?

  • a) Rarely or never.
  • b) Occasionally.
  • c) Regularly.

2. What’s your primary diet?

  • a) Meat-heavy.
  • b) Flexitarian (occasional meat).
  • c) Vegetarian or vegan.

3. How do you manage your waste?

  • a) I don’t recycle or compost.
  • b) I recycle but don’t compost.
  • c) I both recycle and compost.

4. How often do you purchase fast fashion or non-sustainable clothing?

  • a) Frequently.
  • b) Sometimes.
  • c) I opt for sustainable or second-hand clothing.

5. Do you use energy-efficient appliances and bulbs?

  • a) No.
  • b) Some.
  • c) Yes, all my appliances and bulbs are energy-efficient.

6. How often do you use single-use plastics?

  • a) Daily.
  • b) Occasionally.
  • c) Rarely or never.

7. How much of your food is locally sourced or organic?

  • a) Very little.
  • b) About half.
  • c) Majority or all of it.

8. How do you conserve water in your home?

  • a) I don’t have any specific measures.
  • b) I’m conscious but don’t have water-saving devices.
  • c) I use water-saving devices and am mindful of my usage.

9. How often do you educate yourself about environmental issues?

  • a) Rarely.
  • b) Occasionally.
  • c) Regularly, I stay updated.

10. Do you support businesses that follow sustainable practices?

  • a) I don’t consider it when making a purchase.
  • b) Sometimes, if the product suits me.
  • c) Yes, I prioritize eco-friendly businesses.


Each A is worth 1 point, B is 2 points and C is 3 points:

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3


  • 15 Points or less: You have room to grow in your sustainability journey. Explore ways to integrate eco-friendly habits into your daily life.
  • 15 – 25 Points: You’re on the right track but there’s potential to enhance your sustainable practices. Keep seeking ways to reduce your environmental impact.
  • 25 points and up: Kudos! You’re a sustainability champion. Continue your eco-conscious journey and inspire others!